NJ Man who Live Streamed CPS Standoff Forced To Stay In Hospital On Court Date

Nathan Dimoff

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Three days ago, Lee Kenworthy’s house was surrounded by Manchester Township police in New Jersey as he live streamed to thousands of viewers, including many who were watching on PINAC.

Police with sniper rifles assisted CPS in taking his kids away. They also wanted to take Kenworthy to a mental hospital.

In the video, you can hear CPS advise their court case would be yesterday, May 30th, 2018.

Family friend and nanny, Samantha Brown, was at his house while he was live streaming to Facebook.

Brown also showed up today in court with Jamie Wehrheim to speak on behalf of the kids.

Wehrheim is a family advocate of the Kenworthys and with the Family Rights Protection Foundation, according to Brown. She is also running for Governor of Indiana in 2020 according to her campaign Facebook page.

Before court, Brown went on Facebook Live from the hospital with Shara Michelle from Freedom Public Press, while talking to Kenworthy on a separate phone so he could make a statement.

Kenworthy believes he is being targeted by both CPS and police for speaking out about his wife’s death which he believes is the fault of Lakehurst police.

According to a few Facebook Live videos posted yesterday, Kenworthy’s case was even not on the docket Tuesday.

In a third video, Brown says that both CPS and law enforcement met with a judge in his chambers today regarding the case.

The video goes on to say that Wehrheim attempted to video chat Kenworthy while in the court room so he could have a say but she ended up detained and her phone seized for video recording in a court house without permission in an area that had signs that recording was not allowed.

After court, Brown was able to reach out to Barnabas Health Behavioral Health Center in an attempt to talk to Kenworthy but was advised that Kenworthy is unable to talk due to restrictions on phone privileges for having an episode.

Shara Michelle from Freedom Public Press, attempted to do a welfare check via a phone call on Kenworthy and was hung up on four times. Since the phone call, Michelle has found out that Kenworthy was forced onto multiple psychotropic drugs against his will and not able to make or take calls. Kenwothy is being held at the hospital under N.J. STAT. ANN. § 30:4-27.2(m) as the state believes he is a possible danger to himself or others. He is also being refused visitors even though section e(5) allows him to see visitors.

Currently the children are in the custody of their grandmother.

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