Oklahoma Cop Arrested after Bound Woman Escapes his Trunk, Calls 911

Nathan Dimoff

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After a two month online relationship with Geary police officer James Otterbine, the 32-year-old man flew his girlfriend up to Oklahoma from Miami so she could live with him.

But the relationship turned sour once she met him in person.

On June 12 of this year, Otterbine was arrested and charged with kidnapping after the woman was able to escape the trunk of his car and call 911, according to Canadian County Sheriff Departments press release.

Otterbine, who was fired earlier this month, told detectives he abused the woman in front of his 10-year-old child before he was arrested by Canadian County Sheriff Department on charges of domestic abuse in the presence of a child and kidnapping.

Before his victim moved in, the pair lived 1,500 miles apart.

But he paid for her flight to come stay with her, which was when she discovered his violent nature.

It wasn’t long before he was duct-taping her and handcuffing her to a chair during arguments as well as locking her in the basement with the lights turned off while bound, according to Tulsa World.

Otterbine told investigators they were just “spats,” claiming it wasn’t abuse, explaining she just enjoys “rough sex” adding it was “consensual.”

His victim made her first 911 call inside Otterbine’s trunk, but all the dispatcher could hear was a voice pleading with someone to be let out of the car.

Officers were able to trace the owner of the number and reached out to her family in order to locate her. Her name has not been released.

Once the officers were dispatched to Otterbine’s house, she made another call stating that she was at a bank near the house and that she was able to escape.

According to the departments press release, when they arrived, she appeared “bruised and battered,” and in shock.

Otterbine was recently terminated from the Geary Police Department by the city council, according to media spokesperson Terryl Allen, stating that he had not actively worked there for several months due to a medical issue.

Two days ago, Otterbine’s LinkedIn still showed him as a current employee of the Geary Police Department, but his profile is no longer online. It also showed worked with at the El Reno Police Department, which is located about 25 miles southeast of Geary.

Otterbine’s bond was set at $30,000.