VIDEO: Philly Cops Arrest Black Teen for Selling Bottled Water for Football Team

Nathan Dimoff

Nathan Dimoff began writing as a law enforcement  blogger in 2014. Since then, he became a content aggregator for numerous independent news outlets. As of 2018, he became an independent, investigative journalist covering current events that span from local, national, and international politics. The coverage done by Dimoff has been published and republished around the world. Areas of interest include law enforcement, advancement of technology, hacktivism, and issues pertaining to racial discrimination.


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A video was posted on Facebook Monday showing Philadelphia police arresting a black teenager who had been selling bottled water in front of the city zoo to raise money for his football team.

The teen was part of a larger group of black youths who witnesses say were walking through traffic selling the water, which led to somebody calling 911.

The minute-and-a-half video starts out with one cop picking up a teenager and throwing him on the ground while several of his friends protest.

The person recording yells for the cops to “don’t do that” as the officer does it anyway.

“This is what you did, this is what you want,” the camera person can be heard asking the person who called 911.

She can be heard repetitively asking if this is what they wanted.

Someone in the background can be heard throughout the crying and demands that they are “sick of this bullshit!”

The officer has the teen facedown on the ground with his knee on his back, placing his body weight him him.

Cops then pull the handcuffed teen from behind, demanding he walk backward while cuffed.

According to witnesses that posted in the comments, the teenagers where walking in and out of traffic to sell the water, which they say was hindering traffic.

The witnesses state the teens were asked to stop by security and when they refused, the security called 911.

The teen that did not comply was handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct, according to witnesses.

Dimoff has reached out to both the city as well as the Vice President, Douglas Bohr, at the zoo for a statement, and as of publishing this, they have not replied.

We will update the article with their statements, if they respond.