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The first thing that comes to mind when one hears of Cointelpro they think of federal agents, but they are not the only ones to use Cointelpro tactics.

Over the years, Cointelpro tactics have been used by both federal agents and society alike. Covert operations under Cointelpro started taking place in 1956 by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI was able to produce a psychological warfare by spying on, infiltrating, discrediting, producing disinformation, disrupting and destroying organizations. The government would use the tactics against political dissidents.

When Cointelpro tactics are used by society it can cause infighting within collectives. Over the last ten years, the usage of Cointelpro tactics have increased within collectives such as: Pursuance Project, Anonymous, and groups of activists promoting legal changes. Once society allows an infiltrator into their actions, they prevent social change and are assisting the government knowingly or unknowingly.

Aaron’s Law

In early July it was brought to my attention that a project that I had worked on with two others was no longer available and that the person who was left in charge of it, who goes by the Twitter handle @DaPeaple, changed the project and “gave it away.” I say gave it away in quotes because @DaPeaple could not keep their story straight when talking about what happened to the project.

This is where the disinformation starts. @DaPeaple reach out to a family member privately and wrote, “about 5 months ago one of my good friends was banned from Twitter I was devastated to hear this news and loose (sic) her voice.” The person left in charge goes on to write, “In return of this my friend who is a Muslim student from Kashmir was attacked and so was I.”

When asked by numerous people in public who was in control of the account @DaPeaple response was that it was his sister. Which brings on another question. In 2017, during hurricane Irma and hurricane Maria, @DaPeaple said that the majority of his family lived in Puerto Rico while some lived near him in the mainland of the United States. He advised us which state it was at the time, but for legal reasons I will not release yet.

This is not the first the first-time disinformation was passed around within the project. Before me and the creator left the project, we came up with an idea, with the assistance of others, to produce false screenshots to @DaPeaple to see if it would be provided to @A_of_Anonymous who was attempting to discredit the project and destroy it. Sure enough, it led back to the disruptor as we suspected it would. The disruptor was a part of a troll farm called AlphabetSec, that at one point tried pushing the creator of the project to suicide.

@DaPeaple also partook in multiple questionable activities. One of the questionable activities was on Aaron Swartz birthday in a post about Aaron, @DaPeaple wrote, “aka no one gives a flying fuck.” Another questionable activity was putting people at risk. They would create what is called tweetsheets for a Twitter storm to flood newsfeeds with information. Creating tweetsheets was not the questionable act but using Google sheets to do it was. With Google sheets, anyone that clicks the link to open it, their IP address gets logged. Though spamming Twitter feeds is not illegal, Twitter storms have been included in the past in legal actions. He was warned by numerous people within the infosec community to stop but continued to do it putting people who did not know the risk at risk.

Within months of joining the project, @DaPeaple started slandering the projects supporters in private. People that have been major supporters of Aaron’s Law. He aired out dirty laundry of well-known Twitter accounts that ran under the guise of Anonymous, pirate party members/supporters, activists, and others in private while publicly claiming to support them.

Once former members of the project became aware of the project being rebranded and “changing hands” we started reaching out and informing people of what we noticed. @DaPeaple found out that we were advising people of their actions and responded to it by publicly slandering me. It was not until I started asking for his information to produce a legal case and notifying him of my intentions that he removed the slander. We continued notify Aaron’s Law supporters. We got the support from everyone in calling out the change from everyone but two people. The first one reached out to me stating, “Well, I get what happened, and where I feel the same as you that he shouldn’t have gifted Kush, Aarons’ old support account like that, I can see where he was coming from.” They later attempted to help us get the project back but failed. I reached out to one of the people who helped promote the project and was told, “All I want is to maybe be a go between that lessens the potential fuck us quotient is all,” he continues “well then you’ll just have to go at it. I won’t get in the way. It’ll get ugly I guess.”

This is not the first time he has stood sidelines either, which brings us to the next point.

Pursuance Project

Back when Barrett Browns Pursuance Project started becoming more that just an idea, all three of the people running the Aaron’s Law project were invited by the one who stood sideline to an area that became ground zero for Pursuance Project. It was a place where we could connect and network with people with similar interests. At first, everything went smooth. After a few months being there, disruption was created by members on the platform attacking FreeAnons. The infighting produced a division with those that were using the platform. The person who originally brought us onto the platform was also the one who advised he was the one to keep the peace there, supposedly. I say supposedly for the fact; their actions did not match their word. They chose to once again stand on the sidelines, even as one of the members of FreeAnons was battling her last months of being overcome with cancer. Another time they stood sideline while “fixing” an issue was during the first few months of a legal case against MartyG. Allowing the person that started infighting within the Aaron’s Law project, people in that flamed the fans of FreeAnons disruption, and the infighting of MartyG, one must wonder how secure and safe Pursuance Project is from being infiltrated by the government. Hopefully it becomes more secure before the launch.


The controversial hacktivist group Anonymous has been around for many years. Through the years the government has been able to create fake accounts or handle certain accounts to cause disruption by producing disinformation and discrediting activists. The cointelpro tactics have led to many arrests and investigations. The amount of arrests relates to how decentralized Anonymous is as there is no leader. Anyone could claim being Anonymous and do as they please. @DaPeaple claims to be part of the Anonymous collective and uses it to cause infighting and disruption. As mentioned earlier, @DaPeaple has ties to the small collective of Anonymous trolls known as AlphabetSec. He uses his network he has created to attack others within the network which destroys the ability to create social change.

So where does that lead us?

As of now, the account has been deleted from Twitter and all the work that dozens of people put into #AaronsLaw2017 is now gone. With the use of Cointelpro tactics @DaPeaple was able to infiltrate, create division, produce disinformation, and delete history.

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