Pedophile Turns Himself In After Shane Coyles Exposes Him On Facebook

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  • Prank Call Mafia founder, Shane Coyles, uses his social media presence to expose numerous child predators
  • Shane Coyles has the ability to use multiple voices to meet up in public with predators across the nation
  • Shane Coyles is also known to make prank phone calls while on Facebook Live

Shane Coyles has been using his multiple voices since 2017 to make a difference in the world by exposing predators and bringing laughter to many.

What Happened

In what originally started in the United Kingdom, groups of people would create accounts on social media and apps posing as children to try and have sexual predators reach out to them and eventually meet.

With such huge success, Coyle decided to see if he could start a movement in the United States using a voice that sounded like a child.

Coyles has had many meetups with predators to publicly expose them. Wednesdays meetup went different for the first time. Typically, throughout his videos, you can see Coyles meet and shame the predators and once in a while law enforcement gets involved, but you never see one turn themselves in.

Till now.

The Meetup With Shane Coyles

In this video, like all the other videos, Coyles meets the target in a public space and advises them that they are not being held against their will.

The predator, who is a military veteran, attempts to lie about the conversation they had, with who they thought was a minor. Coyles quickly shuts him down and tells him that he has all the evidence and that it was really him he was talking to.

Coyles continues to talk to the predator to try and figure out their mindset and to get him to admit what his intentions were.

Over the course of the conversation, the predator admits to not only having a problem with wanting to meet up with a minor but also a sex problem. The man goes on to tell Coyles that his wife was aware of his issues and told him one day it will land him in jail.

The conversation continues to the point the predator admitted that he knows needs help and wants help. An ultimatum was then given. Coyles gave him the choice of having law enforcement called or to go to a mental hospital to get evaluated.

The predator chose to get help.

Coyles then steps outside to update everyone that was following.

Making A Difference

After leaving the mental hospital, Coyles heads down to the police station to talk to investigators and to turn in the evidence. When it comes to this form of activism, you have to be willing to be willing to work with law enforcement, no matter how ugly your past may be. Naming and shaming them is great to get them exposed but it does nothing until they are held accountable.

Through his prank calls and exposures, Coyles has gathered a fan base and group of over 62,000 followers. Though that is a pretty decent following, Coyles is very adamant that it has nothing to do with likes and personal attention. He does what he does for his children and everyone else’s children and his authenticity shows.

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