Parchman Mississippi Prisoner with Cancer Unresponsive and Family left in Dark

Nathan Dimoff

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Nicholas Demorst is a stage three colon cancer patient that is serving time at Parchman prison and his family did not had any update on his condition since December 28,2019 – until now.

Lea Campbell of Mississippi Rising Coalition took to social media on January 16, saying that for days she has gotten nowhere when attempting to have Mississippi Department of Corrections do a wellness check on Demorst.

Campbell made a call on January 13 and spoke to a prison employee by the name of Chanel and was told that a chaplin will do a wellness check to see when the last time he received treatment and that they will get back to her, according to her Facebook post.

Later that day, Campbell called the prison back since she never received a call back and was told the system was down and that they are currently unable to search for prisoner information. She was then given an extension and told to call back. The extension number she was given was to the prison hospital.

At first, the prison hospital denied he was there. Campbell gave the number to the Demorst family and told them to try calling.

Demorsts’ mother contacted the hospital and was told her son was in the hospital but that no other information could be released. His father then called and was given the same information.

When Campbell called the prison the following day to see why she has yet to receive a call from the chaplin, she was told the chaplin was busy doing many wellness checks.

The night, Demorsts’ mother called the prison hospital once more and was assured that “he is fine and she doesn’t have anything to worry about,” according to the Facebook post.

On Wednesday, Demorsts’ mother received a call later on Wednesday around 1 P.M. from the chaplin saying that her son is unresponsive and incoherent.

His family has many questions including how did he become unresponsive and incoherent and most importantly, if Demorst is unresponsive who is making the medical calls for him if his family is not?

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