TikTokers that Point out White Supremacy Allegedly Receive Death Threats

Nathan Dimoff

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TikTok Death Threats

In the last year, Black people, people of color, and minorities have seen a surge of death threats, leaving some content creators to relocate.

As 2022 rolls in, a man, that appears to be white, has allegedly made a threat to a Middle Eastern TikToker.

Kent Brown took to his business page on Facebook – True Value Insurance Agency – targeting a TikToker that goes by the name Danesh, aka ThatDaneshGuy, allegedly threatening to hire a hitman.

Danesh posted on his TikTok of a snippet of Browns Facebook Live rant.

“What are you going to do, when you actually make somebody angry, who gots (sic) nothing to lose?,” Brown asks the audience that was watching the video live.

Brown continues:

“What are you going to do, when you make somebody angry, that has my kind of money, and you go to ruin them? What happens if they hire a hitman to take you out? I got that kind of money though. I could have, I wouldn’t.”


Danesh cuts off Brown and appears on the screen, saying that he finds the alleged threat interesting, due to one of the comments on the live.

“The most interesting part of that, is this comment here. I found that very interesting.”


Danesh points to a comment that read that Brown is unable to pay child support due to lack of funds. He was able to locate court documents upon researching into the comment. He tells viewers that Brown will see him in about 26 days in court, as evidence of income.


See you in court! Well, I won’t see you, but you’ll see me😁

♬ original sound – Danesh

There is also an open investigation involving Danesh getting swatted, for what many commenters believe him calling out those that support white supremacy ideologies.

Danesh currently has 677.8 thousand followers on TikTok.

Denise Bradley, aka Aunt Karen, allegedly received death threats, in August 2021, after a CEO was exposed for having a racist and toxic work environment.

In one of Karens “racist of the day” videos she pointed out what appears to be a Skype conversation involving Eileen Cure. Cure was an LPL Financial advisor and the president of Cure & Associates at the time.

According to the Skype conversation posted Cure wrote:

“I’m not a prejudiced person but our clients are 90% white and I need to cater to them. So that interview was a complete waste of my time, so please don’t second guess me or go against what I ask. Listen to me and give me what I ask for please.”


Cure was terminated after the video went viral.

On August 5th, 2021, Karen took to her Twitter saying that she is being forced to relocate due to safety issue.

“I news reporter in Houston just confirmed that Eileen Cure’s husband stated “Tell that Tiktoker to come down here to Texas, and I’ll put her in a grave”. At this point I am concerned for my safety, and will be taking necessary steps to protect myself.”


The news reporter in reference is Click2Houston’s Taisha Walker, according to DailyDot.

With the help of her viewers, Karen was able to raise over $25,000 to relocate.

Aunt Karen currently has 1.6 million followers on TikTok.

Days before 2021 ended, Lance Tsosie, aka Modern Warrior, was allegedly threatened with scalping.

A TikToker, that went by the handle goldenshine208, uploaded a video reenacting what takes place during turning a scalping in for a bounty. In the background of the video you can hear the song Tonight We Ride by Tom Russel.

When the lyrics mention “we’ll kill the wild Apache” Modern Warriors face can be seen.

Modern Warrior re-uploaded the video, so others can see his reaction.

“Hey colonizer, you’re welcome America. I just found the next mass shooter,” Modern Warrior starts his reaction video with.

Modern Warrior tells his followers that he has grown accustom to receiving death threats, but believes they are getting bolder lately.

“My address just so happens to be floating around on the wrong side of TikTok and these circumstances have forced me to make the decision to move. Yes, I knew the consequences of challenging white supremacy, but they are getting a little too bold.”


At the end of the video he told his viewers that he put ways to help him financially move in his bio.

Since then, Modern Warrior post a follow up video thanking everyone for their assistance and to let everyone know that he is safe and in the process of relocating.


Modern Warrior currently has 3.1 million followers on TikTok.

So it goes without saying, if you call out those that have white supremacy tendencies or ideologies, prepare for the worse and hope for the best.