TikToker Raises over $1,067,000 to Help Tornado Victims in Kentucky

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A TikToker has gone viral after raising over a million dollars in donations to help the Kentucky tornado victims.

Charlie Rocket and his non-profit, Dream Machine Foundation, traveled to Kentucky to help the victims recover from a devastating tragedy.

He uses his social media presence to not only raise the relief money, but shows his followers how he is using the funds to help the survivors begin a new life.

Charlie released a video asking his followers to help him assist those in need.

“They lost their dream and now it’s time for us to help them rebuild their dream. We did it with Richard. We did it for Tony. We did it with Lyla. But now here in Kentucky, calling on the Army of Love to activate bigger than we’ve ever activated before. I had a dream to create a social media movement, to use social media instead for influence. Let’s use social media for impact. You are part of the Army of Love and we can make a difference in these people’s lives.”


These peoples lives have been destroyed by one of the biggest tornadoes in history. 😢 Donate to the link in bio ❤️

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Huda/Dream Machine Foundation

The first person that Charlie helped was Huda.

Huda is a mother who had four children. Unfortunately, she lost not only her home by the tornado, but also her 3-year-old son Jha’lil. With his viewers help, Charlie was able to give her $30,000 to help her rebuild her home and her family.

Pastor Joey/Dream Machine Foundation

The second tornado victim to receive help from Charlie and his non-profit is a pastor named Joey, according to the Dream Foundation website.

“Meet Pastor Joey. A man loved by the Mayfield community & known for his inspirational sermons & big heart. He lost his church in the destruction along with his car, yet he wants only to help others. Pastor Joey is a true inspiration to the community who deserves a place of worship to continue spreading love to the world.”

Dream Machine Foundation

James “Juggy”/Dream Machine Foundation

The next person that Charlie helped is named James “Juggy”.

Juggy ran and operated a BBQ truck, before the tornado destroyed it. He told Charlie that his dream would be to be able to continue serving people through his food truck. Charlie used $18,000 of the fund to purchase Juggy a new food truck.

Charlie pulls up to Juggy at the end of the video and asks him what does he have there.

“My dream come true,” Juggy responds.

Jimmy/Dream Machine Foundation

Charlie is not the only person stepping up to help the people of Kentucky rebuild, according to the Dream Foundation website.

Charlie notes that a Tennessee local, Jimmy, has stepped up to help the people of Mayfield.

“He hauled food, resources, and necessities from his home in Tennessee to Mayfield early after the destruction, and hasn’t left. From early mornings to late nights, he has spent his energy feeding the community and providing help where it is needed. Jimmy is a true Mayfield hero.”

Dream Machine Foundation

Pam/Dream Machine Foundation

The next person to receive help from Charlie is a 73-year-old grandmother named Pam. Pam told Charlie that she has no local family to help her rebuild and has nowhere to go. That was until Charlie donated $20,000 to help her get back on her feet.

When asked what her favorite part of her new house is, she responded with a comment that left many viewers crying.

“It’s mine and I don’t have to ever leave again. It’s mine.”


Breeanna/Dream Machine Foundation

Breeanna and her family were the next people to receive help from Charlie.

According to the Dream Foundation website:

“Meet Breeana. She is a young mother of two kids, ages 4 and 2 living in Dawson Springs. When the tornado hit, Bree held her children in her arms as they flew through the storm they landed hundreds of yards away, with many broken bones and injuries. She was impaled by debris. Her son fractured his femur. But thankfully, they survived. Her oldest son is autistic and blind. Bree says the stress of having a special needs child has already been so much, and now she has the stress of not even having a home… They had been living with their grandmother when the storm hit. They have no insurance. And no where to go. Their dream is to just have a place to call home Three generations, just trying to rebuild.”

The Dream Machine Foundation

Charlie was able to donate $30,000 to help Breeanna rebuild.

Dean family/Dream Machine Foundation

“You always want to be able to tell your kids that it’s going to be okay. How are you supposed to say that when you just don’t know” the Beans family told Charlie.

“They’re not going to be able to be able to have a Christmas, so let’s give them the best Christmas ever,” Charlie tells his followers.

Charlie was able to not only donate $25,000 to the Bean family, but also went shopping for presents for their children.

Holbrooks family/Dream Machine Foundation

The Holbrooks family finally made it to where they no longer were living paycheck to paycheck, until their home was destroyed by the tornado.

During this time they have shown how selfless they are by focusing on other peoples needs before theirs, especially if the person lost someone in the devistation.

Tim family/Dream Machine Foundation

Charlie continued to focus on helping families, and decided to help a disabled veteran, Tim, who lost his home, car, his family possessions, and the building where he worked.

According to he Dream Foundation website:

“Meet Tim. Tim is a disabled veteran who was impacted by the tornado in Mayfield. Tim says he doesn’t know how to move forward. Tim & his family lost everything. Their home. Their car. Their belongings. The building that Tim worked at was destroyed too, so now he’s even more uncertain about his future.. his dream is to just have a home for his kids to grow up in. Tim has devoted his life to serving his family & his country, and he shouldn’t have to worry about where his kids will grow up.”

The Dream Machine Foundation
Uncle Eddy/Dream Machine Foundation

Next on the list of those rebuilding their dreams is George “Uncle Eddy”.

Uncle Eddy is also a disabled veteran. He spent his Christmas Day rebuilding his house.

Charlie and his foundation were driving through the wreckage when they noticed Uncle Eddy painting a sign advertising a GoFundMe he set up.

Charlie asks him how much he has raised towards rebuilding his house.

Uncle Eddy told him that he has raised $20 and it was his own $20 that he put in his GoFundMe. Charlie and his foundation donated $30,000 to the GoFundMe and it currents is sitting at $37,752.

April/Dream Machine Foundation

April was another person that Charlie donated towards.

April told Charlie that she had a past that was not great, but when she discovered her passion in barbering, that quickly changed. Unfortunately, the tornado took that and her only form of income from her.

Charlie asked April if he could still receive a haircut from her and she left to go get her supplies needed to cut his hair.

Charlie decided to pay April $30,000 for his haircut.

Billy and Barbara/Dream Machine Foundation

Billy & Barbara had their home, which was the location that all their family gathered, destroyed be the tornado.

They were asked by Charlie what their dreams were.

“I would love to go to Florida one more time before I die,” Barbara responded.

Charlie gave the couple $15,000 to help rebuild their home and a $7,500 all expense paid trip to Florida.

Joe/Dream Machine Foundaton

Joe and Judy, who have been together for 60 years, lost not only their house but their farm that they built because of the tornado.

The farm was their only source of income and lost his only way to support his wife. They told Charlie that they want to rebuild their farm, but it would be difficult at the age of 79.

Charlie gave the couple $25,000 to help ease the cost of rebuilding.

If you would like to donate or read up on people he has donated to, after the time of this writing, you can visit their donation site.

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