I’ve been captivated with technology since I was a child. My ideal job since learning about Snowden and the NSA has been to work there, and I did all in my power to make that happen. That quickly came to an end when several government agencies raided my home in response to a story I wrote about an alleged hack. I suffered greatly as a result of my stubbornness to give up my source. Since then, I’ve focused completely on journalism. My articles have gone viral all around the world. Three documentaries have utilized my work. Two of them are already accessible, and a third is on its way. My favorite topics to write about include hacktivism, police accountability, and racial concerns in America.
I was nominated for a Payne Award for Ethics for my work, but it was for the incorrect year they were searching for. My popular pieces sparked investigations spanning from the municipal to the federal level. My work has been referenced by significant, renowned, and respected attorneys.

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