Photography is Not a Crime, abbreviated to PINAC and published under the trade names PINAC News, is an organization and news website that focuses on rights of civilians who photograph and film police and other government organizations in the United States. It was founded in 2007 following the arrest of its creator, Carlos Miller, a veteran news reporter and photojournalist, and incorporated in June 2014 as PINAC Inc., a Florida not for profit corporation.


My Articles

Florida Cop Convicted of Killing Drummer who was Waiting for Roadside Assistance

Lawsuit over Connecticut Student Sitting during Pledge Settled Out of Court

Florida Student, 11, Arrested after Refusing to Recite Pledge of Allegiance

Oregon Cop Investigated for Conspiring with Patriot Prayer Members

A WI Police Department has 116 Officers on List Barring them from Testifying

California Police Release Body Camera Footage of Police Shooting

NC Man Who is Mentally Ill Calls 911 on Neighbors and Ends Up Shot by SWAT

Proud Boys Labeled “Extremist” by FBI Despite Group’s Affinity with Police

WATCH: New York Cop Attacks Man for Recording him, Grabbing his Genitals

WATCH: Kentucky Jail Guard Slams Inmate Down, Busting his Head Open

California Strippers Awarded $1.5 Million Settlement over Police Raids

Hawaii Cops Kill Man after Promising not to “Trick” him, then Tricking him

Texas Cops Kill Unarmed Man while Shooting at his Friend they say was Armed

Sheriff Claims Forcing Inmates to Wear Nike Shirts in Mugshots not Meant to Mock

New Jersey Officers Not Charged after Attacking Deaf Bystander who tried Helping

Tennessee Deputy Arrested for Flying into a Rage and Attempting to Rape Woman

Florida Sheriff Fired after Inmates Tested Positive for Drugs and Alcohol

FBI: Georgia Officer Arrested for Smuggling Ecstasy, Meth and Phones into Prison

Georgia Sheriff Blames Self for his Son Falling Victim to Marijuana “Epidemic”

Indiana Cops Arrest Man for Video Recording them in Public

Florida Cop Arrested for Selling Drugs out of his Patrol Car while in Uniform

The Ohio Cop who Killed Tamir Rice is Back on the Force at another Department

Pittsburgh Police say Bodycam Footage that may Exonerate Cop no Longer Exists

Kansas McDonald’s Employee Charged for Spiking Officers Drink

Florida Deputy Claims Taco Bell Fast Food Employee put Bleach in his Burrito

Minnesota Cop Involved in Multiple Crashes including Hit-and-Run not Charged

Kansas Cop Sued for Breaking Man’s Jaw for Parking too far from the Curb

Florida County Plans on Charging Inmates for their Meals

WATCH: Washington Cop Kicks Teenager in the Back for Walking Away

WATCH: Nevada Cops Kill Man in Truck who was no Threat to them

New Jersey Police Buy a 9-year-olds Artwork After Receiving 911 Call on Her

Florida Deputy Known for “Live PD” Appearances Arrested and Fired for DUI Arrest

Wisconsin Cop Fired for Showing up to Shooting Range Drunk and Firing his Gun

Pennsylvania DA Seeking Gag Order on Case Against Cop who Shot Teen in Back

Texas Police Release Bodycam Footage of Officer Shooting Inside Car

Georgia Sergeant Indicted on 17 counts of Sexual Misconduct Against 4 Victims

Atlanta Cop Re-Indicted for Killing Man, One Month after Charges were Dropped

Pennsylvania Cop Fighting Suspension after Blowing Whistle on Police Chief

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Using StringRay Tracking Device to Monitor Citizens

South Carolina Officer that Left K9 to Die in Car Gets Suspended

UPDATE: Texas Deputy that was Jailed for Raping Child Found Dead in Cell

Minnesota Cops Pull Woman off Bus and Arrest her for Comments about White People

A New York Police Union is Offering $500 to Stop Recording and Help Make Arrest

NYPD Cop Threatens to Taser 7-year-old Girl while Breaking up Block Party

Two Georgia Deputies Fired for Online Posts Supporting Nazism and Hitler

WATCH: California Cop Strikes Teen with Patrol Car for Riding bike with No Light

Illinois Cop Fails in his Attempt to Violate Man’s Constitutional Rights

Georgia Sheriff Arrests Wife of Former Deputy Seeking to Oust him from Office

11-year-old Florida Honor Role Student Handcuffed for Bouncing Basketball

VIDEO: Texas Cop Shoves Face of Autistic Boy into Carpet before Handcuffing him

Federal Agents Investigating Louisiana Deputy with Ties to Extremist Group

Arizona Cops Abuse 84-year-old Grandmother to “Keep her out of Harm’s Way”

VIDEO: Louisiana Cops Choke Man to Death for Insisting on Seeing Arrest Warrant

Plainclothes ICE Agents Assault Woman for Asking their Names as they Seize Man

Ohio Judge Orders Bailiffs to Tape Defendant’s Mouth Shut During Sentencing

WATCH: Maryland Cop Threatens to Beat the S**t out’ of Mentally Disabled Boy

Indiana Cops Bodyslam and Choke Teen for trying to Record Fight Between Girls

VIDEO: NJ Cops Shoot Man, then Allow K9 to Maul Man’s Face, Killing him

Four Connecticut Court Cops Sued after Camera Catches them Beating, Kicking Man

W. Virginia Policeman of the Year Settles 4th Excessive Force Case in 18 Months

North Carolina Deputy Charged for Illegally Tracking Ex-Girlfriend with Device

VIDEO: Philly Cops Arrest Black Teen for Selling Bottled Water for Football Team

Florida Cop Falsely Accuses Burger King Workers of Placing Dirt in his Food

Florida Cop Arrested for Beating Pregnant Shackled Woman and Falsifying Records

Cop who Shot & Killed Antwan Rose Sued for Fabricating Charges in Unrelated Case

North Carolina Cop Shoots and Kills Family Dog after Showing up to Wrong Address

WATCH: Woman has Seizure after Chicago Cop Throws her on Ground at Pride Event

SCOTUS: No Qualified Immunity for Deputy who Shot, Killed Teen with Pellet Gun

Ohio Cop Detains Daughter’s Black Boyfriend and tells him: “We’ll Make Shit Up”

Texas Cops Smother Man to Death after he Claimed they were trying to Kill him

ATF Agent gets Probation for Sneaking into Female Restrooms to take Pictures

Oklahoma Cop Arrested after Bound Woman Escapes his Trunk, Calls 911

Two Florida Officers are off the Force after Excessive Force Investigation

Arkansas Man Beaten and Hospitalized by Cops after Riding Bike with No Lights

Man Arrested for FB Posts Threatening to Kill Cops after Walking into Station

Police Dog Mauls 6-Year-Old Girl during Search for Armed Home Invasion Suspects

South Dakota Deputy is Fired a Minute after Winning Election

Ohio Cop Reprimanded for Flipping Man off with Middle Finger

VIDEO: Arizona Cops Caught on Camera Beating Man for Refusing to Sit on Ground

Ohio Cop Sued Twice in Three Months for Excessive Force

Florida Officer Denied ‘Stand Your Ground’ In Murder Of Corey Jones

VIDEO: Minnesota Cops Beat Man with Spinal Injury

Lawsuit Filed Against Cop who Placed Gun to Man’s Head saying: “I Will Kill You”

VIDEO: Three North Carolina Troopers Indicted After Brutalizing Unarmed Man

Mississippi Cop Fired for Punching, Threatening Man with Gun during Traffic Stop

Two San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies on Paid Leave After Video Surfaces

Ohio State Trooper Pulls Gun on Citizen Recording Traffic Stop from a Distance

N.J. Man Live Streaming Standoff with Cops after Refusing CPS Welfare Check

Couple Goes To Hospital Due To Allergic Reaction, End Up Beaten and Arrested

Orlando Police Shoot Driver in Car Despite Departmental Policy Forbidding it