For hundreds of years the government has used law enforcement to create controlled chaos. Many say that the system is broken, but it is working exactly how the government wants it to.

As a journalist that focuses on law enforcement and their actions, as well as their lack of actions, I have seen the atrocities of our draconian laws in use. More often than not, I have seen the violent ruthless acts happening in marginalized communities, particularly those living in poverty.

It is high time for these “bad apples” to be removed and the laws that shield them from prosecution to be changed. The United States currently ranks as number one in the list of the highest rate of prison population. We need to immediately decarcerate those that are caged for victimless crimes, cease the construction of new prisons, and create a better excarceration program to help those coming out of prison not commit the same crimes that landed them in prison. Examples of excarceration can include decriminalizing drug use, decriminalizing sex work, or effectively combating houselessness.

Currently, the United States has a combined budget of $100 billion police budget. The funds need to be reallocated towards helping build their cities and create programs, grants, etc. to build a better and livable society. A great way to focus on which funds to reallocate would be by ending the federal 1033 Program, that provides military weaponry to local police departments. Another would be passing HR 1714, the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act. There is ABSOLUTELY zero reason for domestic police forces to use militarized weapons and equipment.

Ten for Justice has a roadmap of 10 demands that would completely revolutionize the country, by equipping communities with the knowledge and power to provide for their own health and safety.

1—Defund the police and reallocate resources to impacted communities
2—Demilitarize the police
3—Eliminate discriminatory policing, prosecution and sentencing
4—Institute complete law enforcement transparency and accountability
5—Independently investigate all police crimes and abuses of power
6—Install community representation, oversight and safety measures
7—End strategic counter-protest violence
8—Apologize and provide reparations
9—End the war on drugs
10—End carceral punishment

You can research them more: here.